Body: 8 Weeks Part 3

1. Begin everyday with an energized breakfast. Egg whites (2), friut (1) white peach, and or oatmeal with berries and soy or lowfat milk. (Once a day)
2. Drink 2 cups of ginseng tea or in capsule form 300mg. (Once a day)
3. Use energizing scented candle and or oils. This stimulates the olfactory nerves in your nose which  activates the limbic system of your brain which is associated with moods. (Once this week)
4. Practice Bow pose exercise or similar. Click Here For Bow Pose (Once a day)
5. Foot Rub Click Here For Benefits Of Foot Rub (Once a day)
In addition, continue using the previous 2 weeks habit while incorporating these 5 new steps.  You can do it!!!  Week 4 will be here on Monday.

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