Body: 8 Weeks Part 5

Here are the 5 new habits for week 5 to add to your previously weekly habits currently listed in my posts under this picture on the front page of my blog.
1. Eat foods of all colors when it comes to fruits and vegetables.  Serve vegetables lightly steamed and eat your fruits in the first part of the day at breakfast or early lunchtimes.  Dr. OZ recommends if you eat fruits to do so on an empty stomach twenty minutes prior to actually eating your meal.  Fruits get processed only to their true potential to you if they are consumed alone because when eaten with other food the acid used to break down other food will essentially ruin the process and good benefit fruits can give to us eaten alone.  You can google Dr. OZ & eating fruit recommendations on google. 3 to 5 vegetables and fruits a day.
2. Ginger or astragalus tea once a day.
3. Rid your home of dampness and mold and stale energy. Once this week.  You can do this by installing an air filteration system or purifier which can be purchased at Target or Best by I believe.  many offices have them as do children’s bedrooms and they are great. Should you not get a lot of fresh air and sunlight in your pad, then I recommend full spectrum lightbulbs which are also helpful to your environmental immune system.
4. Practice physical activity for 15 minutes everyday.
5. Stimulate your “Foot Three Mile” point on both legs for 3-5 minutes on each leg.  This is a pressure point that is known to help boost your immune system, fight colds, & flu as well.  Google “Three Mile Point Accupressure” for info on where the point is.
I hope that these things I have been posting can and will help just one person out there.  I started this blog so I could help others on a daily basis with little things that I learn and see so that we can incorporate healthy, positive, and informative info into daily life.  This will help us be happier and more positive in the long run.  Don’t be afraid to leave a comment and have a great day.

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