Nutrition + Body: Eat These

Foods That Help Regenerate & Promote Anti-Aging:
RAW nuts, seeds, soaked and sprouted grains 
Fruit and vegetables especially sprouts 
Green leafy vegetables 
Legumes (bean and lentils – learn Indian cooking to make them interesting) 
Goji Juice & Berries – Possibly the best anti-aging substance in the world. 
Super Food 
Bee Pollen (not for everyone-some are allergic to pollen from some areas) 
Celtic sea salt 
Wheatgrass juice 
Barley greens 
Aloe vera 
Antioxidants (eg vitamin C, vitamin E, pycnogenols, coenzyme Q10) 
Olive oil 
Evening primrose oil 
MSM (organic sulphur) 
Foods with omega 3 fatty acids (eg flaxseed oil) and 
Foods with omega 4 & 5 fatty acids (eg evening primrose and fish oil). 
Gentle sunlight (vitamin D) 

to put off a face-lift 

Eat two servings a week of fish (like salmon and sea bass) that contain omega-3 fatty acids. This anti-inflammatory strengthens cell membranes and generates muscle – so skin won’t sag.

as good as face cream 

Drinking four to five cups of green tea a day pumps the body with antioxidants. Plus, using cold green tea as a toner helps ward off pollutants and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

better than botox 

Grapefruits, lemons, and oranges are chock-full of vitamin C- which help keep skin strong, resillient and wrinkle-free. Studies recommend that women should have 75mg. a day

forget injections 

Pomegranates and berries are high in antioxidants, which shield the body from free redicals and help the skin retain its luster. Include at least one 1/2-cup serving per day.

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