Face Care 101: Looking Younger

Tips For Proper Skin Care

1. Wash your face daily.  Use a light cream based facial wash.  Dr. Perricone said avoid scrubs on the face period.
2. Tone using a non-alcoholic toner.
3. Use a vitamin enriched facial serum.
4. Daily Facial Cream w/ SPF. (important)
5. Use an Eye serum then cream. (Eye cream should be made for eyes as they are smaller molecules than body cream or lotions and tough to break through delicate eye area.)
6. Use a mask only once a week.
7. Exfoliate twice a week. (No scrubs, instead use an electronic facial brush or soft facial brush.)
8. Water, water, water.
9. Use the facial exercises in the infographic here.
10. Avoid smoking, alcohol, sugar, and wash your hair and use conditioner before you do your face in the shower as the bad stuff found in shampoo and conditioners are bad on your face.
Do these everyday for a couple weeks and I assure you that you will see younger, more beautiful and handsome looking skin with a glow. Be disciplined.

For larger version of graphic click here.

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