15 Step’s To The Ideal Spring & Summer Body & Mind

by Garrett Kimball

1. Eat at least six meals a day.

2. Make each meal count.  If you eat anything, consider it a meal.

3. Eliminate any and all refined sugars and sweets.
4. Reduce caffeine intake and increase water intake (should be half your body weight in ounces). No alcohol!
5. All heavy starches to be consumed by 1pm or 3rd meal of day.  For example bread, pasta, and rice.
6. One serving of protein should be consumed with every meal. For example: (4-6 ounce piece is considered one serving).
7. Limit dairy intake to 1st or 2nd meal.
8. All fruits should be considered before 1pm.  No fruit juice!
9. Multi vitamin everyday.
10. Maximum amount of time between meals: 3 hours. Protein always first choice then carbohydrates to be added. 
11. Limit sugary condiments such as salad dressings.
12. Meal replacement bars and shakes to be used if sugar free.
13. Exercise and fresh air everyday even if it’s just walking. Call a friend or two and start walking together for 20 minutes every evening if you can.
14. Do not think negative thoughts.  Even using a sentence like “I will not be negative today” is a negative thought.  Just simply say and think about things you want and “will” get someday. You can train your mind and create the same excitement and thrilling physical feelings you get when you do achieve your desires on the journey to actually acquiring and working toward your desire.  I call them “As if’s”.  Act “As If” you already have what it is that you desire for yourself. 
15. Last but not least, check in with garrettkimball.blogspot.com daily for good things that help your body, mind, and soul and please be sure to tell your  friends about us. 

You deserve to look and feel your best everyday and you will.  Just start now.

Sincerely, Garrett

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