Inflamation “The Culprit Behind Every Bodily Disease”

By Garrett Kimball

Definition of Inflammation
1.  (n.) A morbid condition of any part of the body, consisting in congestion of the blood vessels, with obstruction of the blood current, and growth of morbid tissue. It is manifested outwardly by redness and 
swelling, attended with heat and pain.
2.  (n.) Violent excitement; heat; passion; animosity; turbulence; as, an inflammation of the mind, of the body politic, or of parties.
3.  (n.) The act of inflaming, kindling, or setting on fire; also, the state of being inflamed.
Barry Sears Ph.D. says it best in his groundbreaking book, The Anti-Inflammation Zone, “Silent inflammation is simply inflammation that falls below the threshold of perceived pain.”  Since virtually all pain is due to inflammation, it is particularly dangerous when that inflammation in the human body is stealth enough that it does not cause pain.  Because silent inflammation in the human body mostly means silent damage.

Causes Of Inflammation
Imbalance In The  Stomach
Stress, Worry, Nervousness
Environmental (Air, Food)
Diet & Lifestyle
Food Alleregies

 Results of inflammation
Visible Aging & Pain
Viral, Fungal, Bacterial Infections
Cancers & Diabetes
Alzheimers &Heart Disease
Arthritus & Psoriasis

Ironically, though “silent inflammation” is a damaging force, “acute inflammation” in your body is actually a life saving process. When inflammation occurs in response to an infection or an injury, we call that  “acute inflammation” or what Dr. Sears calls “screaming inflammation.”  Unlike silent inflammation that is painless, you feel the pain of “screaming inflammation.”  However, this kind of acute (“screaming”) inflammation in necessary because your body could not defend itself against foreign invaders like bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and the like without using   inflammation to kill off these destructive microbes.

In this blog you will find many articles from nutritionists, doctors, and educators that are researched and then published here daily.  Stick around and get daily information related to being healthy and keeping the body safe and protected against many diseases related to this subject.  Most importantly, always consult a doctor before changing anything about your body inside and out and before applying anything you read online to yourself or your lifestyle.

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