Chapter One Overview: The Power Of Positive Thinking

Dr. Norman Vincent Peal presents 10 steps in the end of Chapter 1 to help you become a more positive person and to start changing your life.  There are 10 steps listed at the end of every chapter in the book as overviews of the key  important steps we can use to change our mindset and become a positive person with a fulfilling and happy life. I will be posting the 10 steps every Monday based upon the chapter for that week starting today. 

Chapter 1: 
1) Form a picture in your mind a visualization of yourself succeeding, hold it no matter how bad things seem and do not let it fade.
2) Cancel out negative thoughts with firm positive thoughts.
3) Do not build up obstacles in your imagination, eliminate any obstacles, and do not allow them to be inflamed by fear thoughts.
4) Don’t emulate or try to be like someone you idolize.  Only you are the best at being YOU.  Despite their confident appearance people often as scared as you are on the inside.
5) 10 times a day repeat Romans: 8-3 “If God be for us who can be against us.”
6) Get a competent counselor to help you find out why you do what you do.  Learn the origins of your problems which usually go back to your childhood.
7) 10 times each day recite Phillipians: 4-13 ” I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”
8) Make a true estimate of yourself, be humble about it.  Develop a wholesome self-respect and believe in your God-released powers.
9) Put yourself in God’s hands, actually say “I am in God’s hands.”  Feel it flowing into you and affirm that “the kingdom of God is within you” (luke: 17-21)
10) Remind yourself that God is within you and nothing can defeat you.  Believe that you now RECIEVE the power you need from him.
These are some very strong techniques that are proven to work.  Make sure to pray big enough for what you are praying for.  You know little prayers for little things and big prayers for big things.

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