Inspiration: Winson Chen

Adapt 2 Evolve

In life, challenges come in many shapes and sizes. Winson Chen’s challenge came in the form of 550 horses, 36000kg, and 18 wheels. A semi-trailer gas truck smashed his vehicle on the interstate in the United States, and he was engulfed in flames after his car exploded. 15 minutes of burning alive, 2 months in a coma, over one hundred surgeries, and 10 years later, he has risen from the ashes. As a Master in International Business in America, he also studied at the prestigious Fudan University in Shanghai, where he currently resides. On his spare time from his job in the solar panel industry, he volunteers as a counselor at a camp for burned children, teaches English to migrant workers’ children, spends time with the mentally challenged, and tells his story to inspire others. He lost one hand and eye, but still has the other; he lost his nose and ear, but can still smell and hear; he has lost his original appearance, but still maintains a distinct swagger. He tells holograf he still has what’s most important, “I have my mind, my heart, my personality… and my penis.” Love this guy’s sense of humor and outlook on life.  As stated in his tattoo, one must adapt to evolve. Keep on keeping on Winson.

Winson Chen

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