Check Out The 3,000 Year Old Fountain Of Youth: Reishi Mushrooms

This is a fractal not a Reishi. Although I did use it because it kinda looks mushroomy ya?

Reishi: Reishi mushroom is known as ganoderma reishi. The correct pharmaceutical name of reishi is Ganoderma Lucidum (denoting its shiny surface). The Chinese name is Ling Zhi This anti-stress herb strengthens the nervous system and brain. It calms the mind, and improves memory. Reishi increases spiritual wisdom. It is the mushroom of spiritual potency. While you cannot “reishi” your way to God, it improves the intensity and quality of spiritual energy to support the expansion of consciousness and the unfolding of the kundalini. Reishi, ginseng, and goji berries together make one of best rejuvenative and anti aging formulas. Reishi is known as the “elixir of immortality”, and builds health on all levels: jing, chi, and shen. It is also known as the great protector.

Reishi has attained an unparalleled reputation in the Far East, as the ultimate herbal substance. For over three thousand years it has been the most sought-after herb amongst sages and royalty. In Shen Nong’s Pharmacopeia (the first Chinese herbal text written 2,400 years ago) it was classified as a superior herb, which serves to maintain life, promote radiant health and long life because of its normalizing action, causing no side effects, even when used continuously. The text goes on to say that reishi “continually consumed, makes your body light and young, lengthens your life and turns you into one like the immortal who never dies”. It is recognized as a major tonic for all Three Treasures.

As a Jing tonic, it is said to build primal power and to replenish energy spent handling stressful situations. As a Chi tonic, reishi builds energy and immunity. It has been shown to be an immune regulating agent, activating immune functions in cases of immunodeficiency and reducing the excesses associated with auto-immune conditions. It is a tonic for people suffering from allergies. It benefits the lungs and the liver. Studies show that it protects the liver from damaging toxic chemicals, including pharmaceutical metabolites. It appears to help regulate coronary and cerebral blood flow, and also seems to help reduce levels of blood lipids and lower elevated cholesterol. It is good to build liver, and it is my number one herb for treating hepatitis C.

It builds body resistance, detoxifies, is an aphrodisiac, a sedative, prolongs life, and enhances intelligence and wisdom. It has traditionally been used as an anti-aging herb, and is called the “Elixer of Immortality” by Taoists, who have used it to improve meditation and to protect the body, mind and spirit.

Reishi contains Beta-1, 3-glucans, which helps regulate and stabilize blood sugar levels. It is widely used in Asia to improve the cardiovascular system. It may prove to be the greatest prevention against cancer, because it helps us to protect ourselves by our own power. Peacefulness seems to accompany its use.

Reishi is the supreme Shen tonic. It is believed to protect the Spirit and to nurture the growth of intelligence, wisdom, and spiritual insight. Reishi is a superb anti-stress herb. Reishi makes the mind peaceful, and has helped many people break drug addictions. It has a cumulative strengthening effect on the nerves and shifts our perceptions of reality. It was believed by Taoists to calm the mind, ease tension, strengthen the nerves, improve memory, sharpen concentration and focus, build will power, and, as a result, help build wisdom. Reishi improves quality of life, because it improves inner spiritual life.

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