This Will Stop Cancer & Shrink Tumors

The article here is by guest writer Dr. Dennis Antoine and the subject is cancer and the causes, reactions, possible cures, and alternatives etc.  Please please read this.  I have been doing so much research on the subject because I have known so many many people that have and are currently battling this damn thing called cancer.  What I have found so far online and through books and medical professionals that I have spoken to, is always centered around what we eat  and that bad nutrition IS the single most important factor in helping to assist cancer.  Sugars, artificial ingredients and aspartame are a few things cancer thrives on.  The good nutrition is what cures and shrinks tumors and cancers such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, and drinking water water water. Water not juice or coffee or milk. Water by and of itself.

I am not a doctor and do not advise anyone to make important medical choices.  I simply want to encourage you to research these online sites and books and read what I am talking about and then make your own opinions and health choices. Consult professionals as well as others going through similar struggles or situations and spread the word.  I am a messenger here but please read this you guys.  We all have someone we love and we will see die from cancer. Take ten minutes and read and research.  I am not getting paid for this and I am not seeking some grand spotlight in webland or social networks  I jam busting my balls to do my part and help give a someone a break somehow……..OK,  I am beating a dead horse.  Read the shit. via wake-up world

PS – I realize that I have used profanity in the posting but there is no more an appropriate time or subject to use it and to convey how important and jolting this subject matter is. Happy Rosh  Hashanah to my dear friends and have a great day tomorrow.

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