Slow Aging Increase Longetivity With DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone )

This 55 year old, I mean 50 year old man takes DHEA and just look at him,  so youthful and fresh.

Kidding aside, here is what you need to know about DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone). Aging men and women are often DHEA deficient. Men over age 40 often have too little free testosterone and less than optimal estrogen levels.  Aging women need to balance their progesterone and estrogen levels.  The proper blood tests can provide the data needed to design an individualized hormone modulation program.  This hormone did not become credible to the medical establishment until 1996, when the New York Academy of Sciences published a textbook entitled DHEA and Aging that provided scientific validation for many of DHEA‘s effects. The general public learned about DHEA later that same year when its benefits were touted in the media and in several best-selling books.  DHEA is the body’s most abundant circulating hormone. Unfortunately, research has shown that DHEA production peaks by age 25 and drops dramatically each year thereafter. By age 70 most people’s DHEA levels have declined by over 80%, leading to hormonal imbalances that can affect quality of life.  These kinds of imbalances also occur with other critical hormones in our aging bodies such as testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone.  Thousands of studies have been published showing how DHEA may help to retard the effects of aging and promote longevity. Considering DHEA‘s potential benefits, many researchers advocate taking DHEA supplements to regain youthful circulating concentrations of this critical hormone.  To achieve the DHEA levels of a 25-year-old, men normally take 50 mg a day, while women usually need only 15-25 mg a day.  Caution: Do not use DHEA if you are at risk for or have been diagnosed with any type of hormonal cancer, such as prostate or breast cancer, and as always please be sure to speak with you Dr. before starting any medicines, scripts, vitamins, and supplements of any kind.  

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