Look 5 Years Younger Than Your Age With Facial Care

Buying facial care products can be confusing to many people.  Do I buy a serum, lotion, cream?  Do I have to use an eye cream instead of regular lotion for my face?  When is the best time to wash my face?  These are just a few questions answered in today’s post.

Creams – In general, creams are made by mixing oil with water. They tend to be moisturizing in action and may or may not contain active ingredients such as antioxidants or skin lighteners. Creams are best suited for normal and dry skin types.

Lotions – Lotions or fluids are very similar to creams in containing both water and oil. They tend to be lighter than creams. Lotions can be used by all skin types, though some oily skin types may find them too heavy. Like creams, lotions may contain active ingredients.

Serum – Serums are the newer cousin of creams and lotions and are currently very much in vogue in the cosmetics industry. Serums are used before lotions or creams usually and many companies formulate serums for the delivery of topical active ingredients such as Vitamin C, peptides, alpha hydroxy acids or retinols. They are a concentrated way to get anti-aging ingredients into the skin and can be layered under other products without interfering with them. Because serums tend to be light and water based, most skin types can use them.

Eye Care – Eye creams and serums are formulated to treat the  very thin sensitive skin around the eyes.  They are made so that they can penetrate the delicate eye area and skin surrounding it.  Face creams and body lotions although moisturizing don’t quite penetrate the eye area which is why specific eye creams and serums are made.  You don’t want a heavy moisturizer weighing down the sensitive skin around your eyes. The less that skin is tugged on, the better.  A lot of people do use facial or body lotion all over face and eyes thinking it will moisturize but don’t realize that these heavier creams just clog and cover the skin in the eye area without penetrating and getting to the lower layers of the  eye area. Would kinda be like putting wax over a wood table instead of and oil made for wood that penetrates and keeps the wood healthy and vibrant looking.

AM (Protect) Routine – the morning should be a splash over your skin with or without a toner to refresh and then application of your serums and moisturizers then followed by the strongest SPF possible.

PM (Repair) Routine – This is the time you should wash your face with a light cream based facial wash followed by a toner or for those with acne an astringent.  Follow this by using a serum then your creams for eye and face.  Go light on the facial stuff.  Most people overdo the lotions and it is not necessary.  Night time is repair time so it is best to use lotions, creams, and serums that contain vitamins, retinoids, and peptides, as well as hyaluronic acids which carries 1,000 times it’s own water weight and helps keep your face moisturized.

Weekly Routine – Exfoliate twice a week and use a mask once a week.  Try not to use a harsh exfoliate.  Something that works very well is sugar.  Apply a dime-sized amount of plain sugar to your wet face avoiding the eye area and then gently rub in a small circular motion until the sugar turns into a sticky serum.  Rinse with warm water and then follow it with your skin care routine.  You will have a really great glow.

Nutrition and Sleep –  These are the most important factors to keep healthy, young, and vibrant skin.  Sugars, non whole foods, alcohol, and caffeine kill your skin and should be avoided.  Sleeping seven or more hours at night and a drinking water throughout the day are a main priority otherwise what is the point of doing the other things.  Water plumps your skin and is so important for maintaining the biggest organ on our body.  Our bodies are 70% – 75% liquid and not getting fluids will do to your body what the sun does to a grape when it  becomes a wrinkled old raisin.

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