17 Eating Rules To Staying Young & Healthy

1.Eat as much organic and fresh food as you can.
2. Do not eat processed food.
3. Never eat fast in food restaurants.
4. Minimize your intake of sugar and Honestly, try to avoid all sugar and artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn  syrup or syrups high in fructose such as agave syrup.  You will start to dislike eating things like candy, cookies, and disease causing foods made out of unnatural ingredients.  We as a society didn’t know the effects that sugar would bring long term to our bodies when it was first introduced.  It is killing you and everyone you love slowly.
 5. Drink lots of filtered plain water.  Say no to soda or power drinks.  Do not drink the  “supposedly better” bottled water unless nothing  else is available.  Bottled water are generally unhealthy to drink due to the plastic.  You are better off with filtered tap water using a brita charcoal filter.
 6. Do not eat anything white  such as white flower, white pasta, white rice, or white sugar.
 7. Eat whole grain bread, pasta, and brown rice. Sprouted grains are the best.
 8. Do not eat farmed fish such as Atlantic salmon for example.  Eat wild fish.
 9. Seventy percent of your diet should be raw vegtables and fruits including dark leafy greens and berries for fruit .
10. Eat grass fed beef whenever possible, free range chicken and eggs.
11. Cooked vegetables should be steamed and no longer than 4 to 5 minutes or you destroy their enzymes.
12. Eat beans (soak them overnight and they will be less gassy) peas and raw nuts.
13. Eat only raw organic fruit.
14.  Eat your oatmeal and get your fiber.  70% of your health is based upon what is in your stomach and fiber i s the proverbial chimney sweeper that keeps your stomach including your digestive system and organs, your bodily functions like poopin-peein-ph levels running smooth and healthy.
15. Packaged ready-to-eat cereals are a no-no.  They are bad foods!
16. Drinking a cup or two of coffee is ok.  Work to get organic fair traded coffee.
17. Having an alcoholic drink is ok, but no more than  two for men or one for women in any single day.
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