*bodyTHINGS: Sugar Is An Addictive Drug

notice the missing teeth and aged skin on these two? sugar does that.

Before you check out the info-graphic though, read about Sugar even in the “healthy” fruits you eat and why fruit should be consumed before 2:00pm in the afternoon only and always on an empty stomach or 20 minutes before your meal. Just because a chemical is natural and safe in small quantities doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous in large quantities; e.g. Vitamin D, iron, fluoride. Yet each of these substances are on the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) list. But they don’t have abuse potential. Fructose does. A little is OK, a lot is not. And naturally occurring fructose in fruit comes with a boatload of fiber, which limits its absorption. Refined sugar has no fiber. You absorb it all immediately — that’s how the damage is done. Of course, soft drinks are the quickest way to overload your liver; but soft drinks account for only one-third of all sugar consumed. The American Heart Association has recommended cutting our added sugar consumption back by more than two-thirds; from an average of 22 tsp/day down to 6 for women and 9 for men.

As with everything, the devil is in the details. The one thing we can agree on is that our sugar consumption has skyrocketed, from 4 teaspoons a day in 1990 to 22 teaspoons today. It needs to go back to being a once-a-week treat—something for special occasions—instead of a once-a-meal diet staple.


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