*bodyTHINGS: Fight Off Wrinkles | Especially The Unnecessary Ones

How To Fight Wrinkles | What To Do To Fight Unnecessary Wrinkles
by Gaëlle Timmers with images by Julien Palast

The skin you are in is the biggest organ you possess. Your skin is not merely a protective shell that happens to cover your flesh and bones – it’s one of your living organs that need nurturing and care, as well as from the inside as the outside. And I am here to give you a few quick tips to set you on your way to improving the condition of your skin and your chances of aging with only as many wrinkles as necessary! So go get yourself some water and a square of dark chocolate, and start discovering… Now there is never a guarantee that once we do one thing, the next follows. We as individuals have our genes to deal with, but even though genes are undeniably a makeup of our being, it certainly does not have to mean that it is set in stone what our lives and bodies will look like! I am a firm believer that lifestyle, attitude and what we put into our bodies and also into our minds can have a big influence on how we turn out to be. Let’s start with what the general causes of wrinkles are. Once you know, you can use this to your advantage, after all; Knowledge is power! They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. I would say the skin is a reflection of how good one takes care of oneself.


There are skin diseases that may have deep lying roots and are not as simple as drinking more water, eating more fresh and getting plenty of exercise, but that is skin disease and they need special treatment. You came here to learn how to prevent wrinkles, so let’s get onto that… As I was saying, your skin can tell a lot about how you are living, what you are nurturing yourself with and how healthy your lifestyle overall is. If you love refined sugar, processed foods, alcohol and cigarettes, to name a few… you are not going to enjoy reading this, but you must ask yourself a question: what is more important?

As this article is about the topic of wrinkle prevention, I will leave aside the health question, and go straight for the vanity question… how much do you want to age well? How do fast food and cigarettes weigh up to the sight of wrinkles you know you could have prevented if you were just a bit smarter about your choices? I think you know the answer you will give me in twenty years time, when you realized that cigarette or McDonalds ‘meal’ didn’t taste THAT good, at least not good enough to deal with their consequences. Everything is health related – our mental state, our physical state, the diseases we create inside ourselves (to an extent, in which we have to calculate in genes and multiple factors) and yes, how our skin will age.

Sugar, processed food, alcohol and cigarettes are fantastic, wonderful, undeniable wrinkle creators! They are your skin’s worst enemies. In very few words, this is what they do; Sugar makes your skin age faster. How? Simply and to the point – they attack the collagen and elastin in your skin (collagen and elastin are the protein fibers that keep your skin firm and elastic), making your skin lose its youthfulness, allowing it to sag, and thus, make room for wrinkles. Alcohol drinking can cause facial swelling, which stretches the skin, thereby causing wrinkling. Alcohol can also rob your body of essential nutrients which promote healthy cell function in the skin, having said that, alcohol contains many sugars – one drink more than the other, but they all do contain plenty of unnatural sugars.

Cigarettes smoking, said in just three small words; suffocates your skin! If you are a smoker, and concerned about what effect your smoking habit has on the way you age and develop wrinkles, I suggest you start googling “how smoking causes wrinkles” right now, and be educated. Smoking has multiple and massive effects on how you age!
Now, on from the ‘don’t’ to the ‘do’ – this is the fun part, where you can put your knowledge to work and start nurturing yourself, knowing you are making the right choices for that beautiful skin of yours! This is exciting, I think..There is one thing I want to get out of the way first, and that is the big sun-taboo! There is a common belief that sun is the enemy of one’s skin, and in this I am going to deter a little from popular opinion. The sun provides us vitamin D, a vitamin we all need, and we can obtain it through sun exposure.


Of course it goes without saying that nobody should lay out baking in the sunlight for hours and hours straight, but knowing how to take advantage of the sun is going to make you a healthier being and actually keep your skin in good condition. We want each vitamin and mineral that we need, to be there, yes also for the condition of our skin and how we age! So please don’t buy this whole hype that sun is equal to skin cancer and wrinkles. Moderate and smart sun exposure is part of a healthy lifestyle, there are a myriad of articles to find on the internet that explain how we need the sun and how this works, I will provide you some links later on in the article, should you be interested.

But yes, the advice is that about 10 to 15 minutes of direct sun exposure a day is enough to give you your needed D vitamins and energy, this is great news isn’t it? It’s free vitamins and energy right there for you to grab!

Having said this, I want to make clear that tanning beds have nothing to do with the sun, and yes please, do avoid tanning beds!

The good news is, all the foods that fight wrinkles and keep our skin healthy and in its great condition are available in nature. After all, nature didn’t give us processed food and cigarettes – those are things we humans produced ourselves, to our own demise. To get started on that naturally great skin, you are going to have to go back to nature and rely in its natural sources… sounds simple, doesn’t it?

What we are looking for in foods the most, with great skin and aging on mind, are antioxidants and essential fatty acids!

Vitamin A,B,C and E are antioxidants. Foods that contain vitamin…

A = carrots, sweet potatoes, red and yellow peppers, spinach, mango and apricot.
B = bananas, oats, peanuts, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, black beans, lentils, asparagus.
C = broccoli, brussels sprouts, green pepper, oranges, strawberries, kiwi.
E = avocado, whole grain products, nuts, peanut butter.
Then there is lycopene, a pigment that gives fruits and vegetables their red color, which has many antioxidants. Lycopene is found in tomatoes, bright colored berries, plums, artichokes, beans, prunes and pecans.

And guess what, a miracle food containing antioxidants is *drum rolls please* … chocolate! Dark chocolate though, no cheating! The higher the cacao percentage, the happier your wrinkle free future looks.

On to the Essential fatty acids – these are also known as ‘The Good Fats’. Essential fatty acids are divided in two types: omega-3 and omega-6. Oils labeled as cold pressed, expeller pressed or extra virgin are great sources of those essential fatty acids. Also walnuts, ground flax seeds and tofu are some natural ways to obtain your much needed essential fatty acids.


Of course, you can help along the vitamins with multi vitamins and supplements. Just please don’t think you can replace natural foods with pills, they should compliment your healthy diet, not be the main source of your vitamins!

I am about to state the obvious, as it is such common knowledge, but it just has to be said once again… water, water and more water!
If you are one of those people who has water drinking down to the proportions of a rockstar’s habitual binge drinking, I congratulate you. For those who don’t… it is very simple, we all know the drill by now, water is good for you, we need it, our skin needs it, so please, drink it, your very thirsty skin will thank you!

The water drinking requirements for women are about 2.2 liters (9 cups) a day, and for men this is 3 liters (13 cups). Water – and enough of it – is a must.

Sleep is very important to your health and also the way you age. Sleeping too little has all sorts of effects on your overall health and how you age.
During sleep your body goes into a deep rest, and takes time to restore cells, cells that keep your body fit and young. This type of cell restoration can only be done when sleeping, so next time you are looking into an anti age miracle cream, ask yourself how much you have slept the last week, and if maybe you should go for a more natural solution to youth. Sleep is one of the most rejuvenating thing you can do or your body. On average a person needs about 8 hours of sleep – this varies per individuals, and may be 7 or 9 hours for you give or take, you yourself know this best.

Now that we are on the topic of sleep, I might as well tackle the position factor. It is said that sleeping on your side or face down causes your skin to wrinkle faster! How? The pressure of lying on your pillow, pressing your face at the same spots each night might just contribute to the wrinkles you will form. Whether you believe this or not, consider that at the age of sixty, we will have spent about twenty years of sleeping, and then ask yourself the question again… twenty years of rubbing your face against a pillow causing the forming of wrinkles suddenly seems to make a lot more sense, don’t you think?

What you can do about it: you can train yourself to sleep on your back, or if you find this not worth it or to be nearly impossible, look into silk pillow cases! They are the most gentle to your skin, cotton is not very forgiving.

When writing this article, I wanted to skip all the miracle creams, botox and injectables, and so I set out to give you natural, sensible and healthy advice on how to fight wrinkles. I don’t think paralyzing or filling up wrinkles that are already there with fat from your behind is a very sensible way of preventing wrinkles, but of course they are options, if you insist.

I hope to have inspired you with these points, and whatever you do, never stop smiling and laughing, these are not things to worry about, the wrinkles you do not want are frowns and sad lines! So be healthy, live your life in love and self respect, and stay beautiful, in and out!


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