iOS: Everest gives you a place to record your personal goals and the steps required to get there with as much detail as you like. Once your goals are added, Everest helps you along the way. It prompts you to keep going, suggests tips to help you take the next step, and gives you a place to log your experiences.

Everest invites you to build goal “sheets” with images and individual steps for everything from “get a workout in every day” to “learn French” to “climb Mount Everest” and everything in between. The app helps you plan out the steps you need to take to get to your goal, and will remind you to take them if you haven’t updated in a while. When you do update, you can post photos and text updates to chronicle your journey from start to finish. Think of it as building out a story that starts with an idea in your head and concludes with you achieving your goal.

If you get stuck along the way, the app will prompt you to keep moving, and suggest you see what other people are doing to get inspired. You can search other Everest users’ public goals, see if anyone’s doing the same thing you are, and check out their progress for some tips. You don’t have to make your goals public, but if you do, other people can use your progress for inspiration, too. From our friends at