*soulTHINGS: Fiona Apple Sings “Pure Imagination” In An Ad Againts Animal Farming


In a new advertising blitz called “The Scarecrow” by Chipotle Restaurants,  the subject of mass “animal farming” today and the fast food world that it supplies food for is the clear and main theme  of this campaign.  The horrible and inhumane treatment of  animals as they are needlessly injected with drugs and plumped as well as brutally killed in order to supply corporations and fast food chains is a tragedy.  Meanwhile, the billions raked in from consumers isn’t even used to help life on earth nor to come up with different ideas on new food production concept to feed the masses,  but is given to the GMO/Monsato suits who use deadly poisons and steroids fto make larger modified fruit and vegetables and who also injected the animals for the same reasons.  This works against the very reason we eat fruit and vegetables in the first place which is to stay healthy and alive. This video is fantastic and thought provoking and made me cry.   What we do to animals today would be equivalent of aliens from a much bigger galaxy that were 100’s of feet tall  invaded earth and then did the same horrid things to humans.  What if they killed humans  even past the need of just surviving on us for food alone?   What if they did it just for optional choices in their cuisine.  Or maybe they  would do it for sport because the human heads on an aliens wall (like we do with animal heads) are a great trophy which validates their hunting as a sport.  Hey, it’s survival of the fittest and it is all worked out by nature because after all, we are on the lower end of the galactic food chain than the advanced aliens who invaded earth right?.  Would that make it OK to you if this were the situation? No, and I don’t think it is justified or right to do to animals.

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