From Dr. Oz | Three Secret Weapons To Prevent Cancer

Dr. Oz: Secret Weapons to Cancer Prevention; Three secret weapons to prevent cancer; Secrets from experts Dr. Dara Richardson, Dr. ILana Cass and Dr. William Li join Dr. Oz In Case You Missed It Feb. 3rd. On the front-lines of cancer research reveal 3 secret weapons against this deadly disease Cancer. This segment is part of Dr. Oz: Cancer Myths Exposed | Cancer Lies Dr. Dara Richardson, Dr. ILana Cass and Dr. William Li.

1. Dr Li explains how Gouda Cheese is his weapon in the fight against developing cancer.


” My secret weapon to prevent cancer is Gouda Cheese. Eating Gouda Cheese can reduce cancer risks and here’s why. Gouda and other forms of hard cheese’s actually contain a special hormone Vitamin K2 (menaquinone, menatetrenone) that inhibits cancer growth so it prevents cancers from growing. Studies have shown that people who eat 2 slices of hard cheese a day have an overall decreased risk of developing cancers like lung cancer the number one killer of women, and prostate cancer. Hard cheeses are typically made with bacteria that ferment and vitamin K2 is a byproduct of that process.

If you are asking yourself whether you should eat cheese and it’s good for your heart don’t worry too much; vitamin K2 actually protects the heart against hardening of the arteries. Try eating cheeses rich in vitamin K2 like gouda, Jarlsberg and edam. ”

2. Dr. Ilana Cass explains why exercise is her weapon for fighting and preventing cancer.


“Exercise and maintain a healthy body weight, there is so much evidence to show that both exercise and maintaining a healthy body weight, avoiding being over weight or obese reduce any number of cancer risks. I have to say the regimen described is vigorous exercise 45 to 60 minutes 5 days a week and realistically that’s something a lot of my patients have trouble doing so I encourage and there is some data showing that really moderate exercise, so I encourage my patients to have a sustained exercise where the heart rate is elevated for at least 30 minutes at least 3 times a week.

Practice a brisk walk 3 times a week, by maintaining a healthy body weight reduces your risk of cancer as well as exercise, obviously exercise is a great way to achieve both of the outcomes so I recommend exercise”.

3. Dr. Dara Richardson explains the importance of limiting pan fried and grilled meats.


“As much as I hate to say it we have to limit our intake of pan fried and grilled meats. We all love a good bbq, but quite frankly when you heat meat, it can be red meat, it can be pork, it can chicken even fish it breaks down the muscle and causes cancer causing chemicals. Numerous studies in animals have shown that especially in the charred meat. The really charred pieces those are the worst areas because they contain more of the of the cancer causing chemicals. We need to limit our intake of grilled meats, it doesn’t mean if you eat a steak or eat a piece of chicken that your going to get cancer, it just increases your risk potentially. There are a number of studies happening with humans that are very important that we have the answer very soon but right now limiting pan fried meat and grilled meats”.

“Steaming, broiling and even sauteing on a low heat is much better and if you have to grill something grill some vegetables, mushroom’s grill some fruit. You can also put some foil over the grill and poke holes in it so less of the cancer causing chemicals actually attach to the meat. Pre cook the meat as well so it requires less time on the grill. You just want to decrease your risk”!

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