Infographics | Sugar Ages You Quickly and Kills You Slowly

Some scientists assert that consumption of sweets or sugar could have a heroin addiction-like effect. – Wiki


f9d10e0a5f73d643522e8c55d247768fSugar Warning


Sugar Kills


  1. Yes sugar is not good for you. Natural sugar in fruits or honey are good but you cannot eat to much.most foods have sugar, especially processed, pretty bad but most people can’t buy all natural or organic products or live on expensive drinks you make. My Daddy always said, eat fruit and nuts and vegetables and eat a little bit of everything and you will be good. Eat Modestly is the best policy. Eat several small meals a day and don’t eat big meals really after like 2:00. We try to eat our dinner between 2:00 and 5:00. Works good for us most of the time.



  2. It is good info. Anyone who lives on that awful sugar substitutes diet foods and sweets is going to be killing their bodies. Vesper is one. Diet foods are not good nor soda. Anything with a aspartame is terrible also.



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