Because You Deserve A Smile Today

11 GIFS that keep on giving you epic LOL moments. The first has to be my favorite.  Humor can change a mood instantly from bad to good.  Sometimes you get the bonus of church giggles like I had looking at these.  The first one made me choke on my drink I laughed so hard.


This movie goer didn’t  wanna miss the previews before the movie and rushed the popcorn lady at the concession stand who clearly gets the last laugh every time she sees this clip on you tube..



A Father so determined to help his little girl swing a bat with pride and confidence.  Actually I think he wants the candy more than the little girl which is good now that her jaw is dislocated.  Gummy Bears anyone??



I do this same move when I get naked on my bed too. Except mines not a tail flopping.



This looks like a mini-me version of Elaine doing her famously spastic dance on Seinfeld.



This was me at team practice every time I tried a sport that involved catching, hitting or throwing of a ball.



No this is not Animal House, American Pie, or Bachelor Party.  This is real life my friend and it’s aaaaawesome.  I am not sure what’s more epic, the kids face as she smacks him with her butt cheeks or the reaction by his buddies in the background.



This would basically describe with a photo how my big brother Ben would play with me when my parents wern’t around. So sweet.



Glad the kid wasn’t standing.  Why does a little part of me hope the cat isn’t declawed?  Knowing that makes this clip even more epic.



Oh I bet I can make her break character you guys. Does that tickle, does this, how bout here friendly mummy lady……….cue Loony Toon sound effect.



This reminds me of a similar childhood moment that involved me pretending to make a funny joke that turned out  with me biting my own thumb like a dumb ass.  This is by far more epic when the guy tries to go back in time a split second as if nothing happened while his eyes water up and blood probably starts dropping out of his nose a few seconds later.



If at first you don’t succeed, then try and try again.


If you enjoyed these please hit like or pass the link to a friend.  Happy Thursday everyone.

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