Made Me Smile | Three Hilarious Clips Showing Why Adele Is Our New BFF


Adele Carpool Karaoke

This video with Adele and James Corden shows the casual and hilarious side of why we love and support Adele.  She is like the best friend you have that is the one person you can sing with in the car and get goofy with. She talks being a Mom, Spice Girls, and her wine drinking ticket giveaways to people she sees in the pub.  This will make you laugh and if you miss your best friend at all then watching this clip will make you feel better.


Jimmy Fallon, Adele, and the Roots Singing “Hello” with Classroom Instruments

The part of this clip when she starts singing into the phone and poking fun at herself  is priceless.

adele (2)

Adele at the BBC | How would Adele do at an audition for Adele impersonating herself as Jenny with a few other Adele impersonators and drag queen.  Hilarious and quite touching at the end.




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