Boost Productivity With These Tips And Tools From Tim Ferriss


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No one knows more about productivity than Tim Ferriss. As an author and early-stage investor, he’s opened the doors of productivity to millions with bestsellers like The 4-Hour Workweek.

For those who want to get a productivity boost this year, check out Tim’s top recommendations below and sign up to get email updates with more tips.

First thing’s first! How should you set your priorities? To set yourself up for productivity success, Tim recommends the following 5 tips to start your day:


  • Start your day by writing down your intentions. Tim recommends the The 5-Minute Journal. Just a few minutes each morning can save you hours of wasting time or scattering your effort each day. Get centered on what truly matters each morning.
  • Focus on doing the right things (efficiency) vs doing things well (being efficient). Doing things well does not make those things important. New apps can create more work if you’re focusing on the wrong things. Tim recommends The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker, the best book on the subject in his opinion.
  • When in doubt, the most important to-do is typically the one that makes you the most uncomfortable, often including a chance of rejection, pain or failure.
  • Block out at least 60 minutes in the morning before checking e-mail to work on your #1 most important/uncomfortable to-do. Here is Tim’s detailed morning routine.
  • To borrow from GTD, determine your next physical action for the #1 to-do that consumes 20 minutes or less, then take it. For instance, “Clean up desk” is too broad. It needs to be extremely easy to follow without any decision. In that example “Type all random to-do scraps into Sticky Notes, then discard paper” or “Remove all paper, and stack on floor for later scanning into Evernote at 5 PM” (then set a reminder) are better.

Once you’ve determined your most important tasks to accomplish, it’s important to remove distractions and get on top of your natural inclination to procrastinate. Tim recommends the following tools:

Now that you’ve removed distraction, Tim recommends the following tools for your work:

  • Evernote is Tim’s  #1 tool. He uses it 10+ times per day. For all research, saving webpages for offline reading, de-cluttering paper from the house, remembering wine labels, etc.
  • For writing specifically, Tim loves Scrivener, the word processor he used when writing his latest books.
  • Jumpcut allows users to expand their clipboards to 30+ copied items…flow heaven.
  • For editorial scheduling, flow, and communications, Tim usesTrello and Slack. “They work together beautifully,” he says.
  • A newer addition to Tim’s “save-my-ass (and time) app list” isShyp, which he uses for all of shipping. “You have to try it to believe how slick it is.”
  • For caffeine — The AeroPress, designed by the Stanford engineer behind the Aerobie, is the easiest way to get the perfect cup of coffee.
  • Last, to logistics — Uber has “saved my ass more times than I can count”, whether avoiding long taxi lines at the airport or delivery charges from BestBuy, etc.

There you have it! The secret sauce to making yourself as productive as Tim Ferriss this upcoming year.


Tim Ferriss is an author (The 4-Hour Workweek, etc.) and early-stage investor (Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Alibaba, etc.). He is also host of theThe Tim Ferriss Show, which deconstructs the habits and routines of dozens of icons, billionaires, and world-class performers. For a taste, he recommends checking out his interviews with Jamie Foxx or Navy SEAL commander Jocko Willink.

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