L-Sits Are an Amazing But Brutally Challenging Way to Build Core Strength

The L-Sit is the motherlode of core exercises, and requires a combination of strength, flexibility, and control in your arms, shoulders, abs, back, and legs. They’re tough, and require some working up to, but they’re oh so good for you.

Source: L-Sits Are an Amazing But Brutally Challenging Way to Build Core Strength


Floor L-sit Progression Tutorial by Antranik

I clearly remember the elation I felt when I could hold a full L-sit, with straight legs, for TWO seconds. It took all summer to get to those TWO seconds. Holding up the L-sit takes a ridiculous amount of ab and quad/hip-flexor strength. Strength that I never had before. And the cool thing is that this exercise will keep me busy well into next summer because from an L-sit, I could work towards the V-sit. The other interesting thing is that to lift higher toward the V-sit, my quads have to flex harder and my abs have to compress more, so this actually forces the hamstrings to stretch. Active flexibility at its finest. There’s something beautiful about something being SO simple.

My Floor L-sit Video Tutorial

Progressions for the Floor L-sit

Goal: 1 Minute Hold for each progression before moving to the next one.

Start with the first progression. You’re going to have to do as many sets needed to accumulate 60 seconds of practice in for the day. Once you’re able to hold the exercise for a full minute without interruption, you could move to the next progression.

Rather than being happy with just the butt just off the ground, make sure the shoulders are depressed absolutely as far as possible. It makes the hold feel different in my abs, shoulders, and triceps.  You will experience a wonderful expansion in your range of movement. Your lower traps and other muscles in that area will loosen up and the clearance will increase!

This is an easy breakdown of the sets and hold times used to hit that 60sec aggregate. Notice they all simply add up to 60 seconds.  As you get stronger, you need less sets and the workout itself doesn’t take as long (until you move to the next progression).

  • 6x10sec
  • 4x15sec
  • 3x20sec
  • 2x30sec
  • 1x60sec (Your goal!)

Help! My Quads and Hip Flexors are Cramping Like Crazy!

Click here to expand

Help! I can’t do the tucked L-sit!

Click here to expand

How do you time yourself accurately?

Click here to expand

If you have any questions let me know.

Once you’ve mastered the floor L-sit (can hold it for 30sec often), then it’s time to move onto more advanced variations. Check out this follow up post: Advanced L-sit, V-sit, Manna Progressions and More!

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