You Are The Power of Five


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1) You are the average of the five people around you.

2) You are the average of the five things that inspire you the most.

3) My thoughts are the average of the five things I think about. 

4) My body and mind are the average of the five things I “eat”.

5) I am the average of the five things I do to help people each day.

Sometimes I feel like I’m engulfed in red flames. I don’t want to be afraid or anxious any more. There are two banks to the river: on one bank are all the regrets, guilt…past. On the other bank are all the worries, anxieties…future.

I lived most of my life on the bottom of the river, clinging to my fears of being swept up by all the currents. It’s hard to let go. I was afraid to crash into the banks. Everyone else around me was scared also.

But the only way to get to the ocean is by letting go of the fears and anxieties. By not clinging to what was stolen so you can enjoy the energy that is yours forever.

I know it’s easier said than done, but this helps me. I hope it helps you too…

Source: THE POWER OF FIVE – Altucher Confidential

Now say these words to yourself everyday you wake up.



If you can’t say this to yourself then figure out why and try to find out the reason that is preventing you from being able to say and mean it.  You are unique. You are amazing.

Here are three infographics that show different ways to defeat negative self talk.






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