People That Defy Old Age and Stay Youthful

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The age of happiness project, 2013


Delivering an engaging and inspiring performance, 62-year old American athlete Greta Pontarelli won the Master’s (50+) Division at the World Pole Sports Championships at York Hall in London, England. The competition hosted more than 150 of the world’s finest pole artists from over 28 countries as crowds flocked to see them exhibit their jaw-dropping skills. The International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF), home to the World Pole Sports Championships (WPSC) is a not for profit organization whose aim is to get pole sports competitions into the World Games and the Olympics. Pontarelli’s winning performance can be viewed on YouTube.


In June Pontarelli qualified for the 5th Annual International Pole Championships (IPC) to be held in Singapore on November 30, 2013, and has another World-title in her sights. IPC requires no compulsories where Pole Sports has ten required advanced compulsory moves that are scored along with the artistic value. She was one of three Master competitors to be chosen worldwide by the International Pole Dance Fitness Association in June earning her a coveted spot at the IPC event.


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Fans can’t get enough of American Apparel’s 62-year-old lingerie model.The brand posted a photo of silver-haired senior citizen Jacky O’Shaughnessy stripped down to her underwear and a purple lace bandeau top on Facebook, alongside the caption, “Sexy has no expiration date.”The photo, which appears to have been shot for a 2012 campaign but never used, got lots of love online, where shoppers gushed over O’Shaughnessy’s “stunning” looks.

“This deserves a standing ovation. Seriously,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Hope I age just as beautiful!” another person posted.

O’Shaughnessy is no stranger to posing for the controversial brand, which has also been praised for its use of transgender models. She was the face of its “Advanced Basics” line in 2012 – but appears clothed in most of the photos.

Two weeks ago, American Apparel made headlines for adding nipples and pubic hair to mannequins at its Lower East Side store.

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An 80-year-old man doesn’t let his age stop him from his modeling career.  Wang Deshun is an actor and artist from China.  He says he has one goal: to defy the aging process by staying fit and challenging himself to try new things.  He told the New York Times that he works out three hours each day, and his runway debut was last year in China.  Deshun is commonly referred to as “China’s hottest grandpa” on social media.

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