Art: Lady GaGa’s Reign of Genre Defying Talent Continues

New Theatrical Film and Lead Role Fall 2021

New Single & Album Summer/Fall 2021

Listen to “I Get A Kick Out Of You”, out now from the new album “Love For Sale”, the second album of jazz by the great Tony Bennett and Lady Ga Ga available October 1st.

Should the news this year of her coming projects not illicit a positive response in regard to her inspiring talent and entertainment, then please see our “best of” Lady Gaga’s finest live performances. Any seasoned musician or lover of music should and hopefully will appreciate these.

PS – Garrett is unofficially Lady Gaga’s new spokesperson (in our mind).

Seriously, Stef you are amazing and it’s been a pleasure watching you grow as a person and artist and as “OUR” unofficial LGBTQ spokesperson.

STING is supposedly a very picky mofo when it comes to music and performing with other musicians, as he should be. He is a legend and talent and dedicated his life to music and teaching and is rock royalty. That said, for him to have LADY GAGA perform with him for his 60th birthday party and singing a POLICE song at that, speaks volumes. Check it out below.

Tony and Gaga perform The Lady Is A Tramp with Bennett praising Gaga’s performance in this song, saying that she is a real “jazz lady.” He continues to say “Lady Gaga is a touch of theatrical genius, she is very creative and very productive, I think as time goes on she might be America’s Picasso.

Lady Gaga, doing live piano performance for Capital FM 2009

Live at Much Music Awards 2009

Lady GaGa singing in the original key for the Sound of Music medley while Julie Andrews is present and moved to tears at the 2015 Oscars.

Bang Bang at Lincoln Center 2014

2016 Grammy Tribute To David Bowie

Click Photo Above for the incredible performance.

Gypsy Live 2013

The performances could go on and on. Thank God for art, our freedom of expression, and Lady GaGa.

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