7 Pull Up Mistakes To Avoid | Mind Over Matter | 6 Things Good For Your Soul

Know the difference between a pull-up and chin-up as they have a similar motion but are different muscle groups when performed.

Body: 7 Pull-Up Mistakes You Should Avoid

Pull-ups are among the most common upper-body strength exercises that you can perform anywhere there is a pull-up bar. Despite its popularity, it is often riddled with crucial mistakes that you need to avoid for a better pull-up form. Here, we look at six pull-up mistakes you should avoid.

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Mind: Mind Over Matter  

The power of the mind is able to control and influence the body and the physical world. It is the belief that the mind is more powerful than the body.

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Black Boy Zen by Bart Cooper

Soul: 6 Things That Are Good For the Soul

There are many things out there to make you smile: the sunshine on a presumed rainy day, your favorite flowers blooming, the perfect day to wear your favorite sweater. But, above the small things, there also things that make you feel good all the way deep in your soul. It sounds lame, but while the little wins might feel good, the big ones can make you feel great. Below are six things that are good for the soul.

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