Amazing Benefits of Jumping | 10 Daily Habits That Sabotage Your Health | The Root Cause of Your Unhappiness

You are essentially weightless at the top of each jump (allowing your cells to decompress) and then land with twice the force of gravity on each bounce (causing your cells to compress). This is a key point.  Instead of lifting weight away FROM gravity to exercise the cells in a single muscle group, rebounding increases the weight OF gravity, thereby exercising ALL of your body’s cells SIMULTANEOUSLY!  In addition, this accelerated/decelerated bounce has MANY health benefits, including allowing the valves in your lymph system to open and close simultaneously (see image below,) thus optimizing the flow of lymph fluid. 

Body: What Are The Benefits Of Jumping?

Regular exercise, good sleep, and a healthy diet are important pillars for a healthy body. Exercises that are based on jumping are a great way to help you stay fit, active, and in good shape. Jumping is regarded as a type of anaerobic exercise because it involves quick bursts of energy for which your body does not rely on oxygen delivery alone. Because a lot of quick energy supply has to be delivered while jumping, your body digs into the stored energy also. Other anaerobic exercises include sprinting, heavy weightlifting, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Jumping has numerous benefits such as:

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Mind: 10 Daily Habits You Didn’t Know Sabotage Your Health

While most people know that smoking is bad for your health and eating too much-processed food can be detrimental, there are many other subtle bad habits that can also slowly sabotage your well-being.

Some of these habits can be hard to recognize, especially if they’re part of your normal routine. You may not notice any harmful effects right away, but over time they can take a serious toll on your relationships, physical health, and psychological wellness. See if you do any of these on a consistent basis.

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Soul: The Root Cause of Your Unhappiness

(PG-13: Language) ScreenPrism looks at how the fourth season of Bojack Horseman is all about addressing the root cause of one’s unhappiness. The show reminds us that those who’ve done us wrong are people too, that we have to face our past, and more.

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