Self Help: These Things Will Improve Your Life

Click on any of the listed items below for information on how it can bring you positive vibrations in your life.

-Realize you’re a soul inside a body having a physical experience 

-Try to drink a good amount of water each day


-Not relying on anyone else for happiness

-Loving yourself

-Working out

-Reading books

-Leader mentality 

Cold showers 

-Eating less


-Having gratitude everyday you wake up and go to bed

-Cutting processed food and sugars

-Eat to get nutrition and not for pleasure

-Don’t compare yourself to other people

Challenge your best 

Speaking positive affirmations 

-Be outside as much as possible

-Get D3 from going out into the sun for ten minutes

-Let go of what other people say

-Give to charity and or volunteer

-Focus on who you are and how you can improve your emotions and outlook

Deep breathing exercises

-Open mindedness

-Make your bed first thing in morning and pick your room and home up

-Use online less by going offline more




-Getting 7-8 hrs of sleep 

-Take vitamins and use oils like black seed and flaxseed oil

-Spend less time with toxic people

-Full body stretches / Yoga

-Oil pull with coconut oil

-Clap your hands more and dance more

-Create long and short term goals

-Get a good support system

-Eliminate fear of death (have no fear all together)

-Smile and laugh more 

Thanks for reading and pass this along if you can.

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