Alternative Cancer Cures

“Before reading this I have to let you know that you should be sure to always check with your doctor or medical team before taking these alternative routes. I don’t know anyone that has used these and I am just putting out info that I saw online as a possibility. I do believe in the medical establishment here in the USA and my partner was treated the conventional way twice with chemo and radiation ad he had miraculous recoveries and today is still doing amazing. I believe that every person’s diagnosis has a unique pathway to survival and that is why I am posting the information below. I hope you find hope and healing in any choice you decide in your journey and appreciate you reading the post.”


There are many different types of therapies represented here. Some are going
to be better that others, some have many testimonials from people who have
been cured, and others don’t.


Please remember to always do your own research when searching for answers
and always consult with the Health Care Practitioner of your choice before using
any of the protocols presented in this report. Nothing written in this report
should be considered medical advice.

Below are a few highlight’s from the book “Alternative Cancer Cures” which can be viewed

by clicking here.

Highlight’s from the e-book “Alternative Cancer Cures”


There isn’t any doubt that detoxifying your body plays a huge role in BOTH cancer treatment and cancer prevention. In fact, most alternative Health Care Practioners believe that a toxic body is the common denominator of most diseases. In this chapter we will give you some basic theories about detoxification and also some great ways to detox quickly using a lot of the same equipment and protocols we’ve talked about. As with other chapters of the book, we will put all the important website links at the end of the chapters so your research is made a little easier. Basic theory tells us that overall body toxicity rises over many years to the point where: · We have billions of different pathogens in our bloodstream. · . Our lymphatic system is congested (not moving through the body and disposing of waste properly) and also has maybe billions of pathogens lying latent in it. · Our colons have between 7 and 40 pounds or more of putrified waste stuck to the walls causing “autointoxification” (toxic substances reentering the blood stream) · We have billions of parasties living in our bodies ranging in size from small pathogens like bacteria, viruses, etc. to much larger parasites like worms 6-12 inches long in our intestines. These parasites invade our organs causing damage to the organs and at the same time, leaving more toxic waste in our bodies to deal with. · These parasites not only damage our organs and produce toxic waste, they also can be the root cause of conditions such as gallstones, liver and kidney stones.

1. EVERYONE has a toxic body, its just a matter of degree. Because of this, EVERYONE has impaired immune function which can lead directly to cancer.

2. Detoxifying the body is a multi-step process that involves many different areas like blood, lymph, colon, parasites, liver, kidneys, etc.

1. Colonics to clear a “pathway” for toxins to exit the body. 

2. Use the very versatile Beck Protocol to clear pathogens out of most every part of your body, including the lymphatic system. 

3. Use two different Dr. Hulda Clark protocols to clear the remaining parasties and pathogens from your body. 

4. Use liver and kidney cleanses to remove the “trash” from your liver, gallbladder, and kidneys. 

5. Exercise, working closely with your health care practitioner.

This may seem like a lot to do but the bright spot is all of this can be usually accomplished in a relatively short period of time, although some of the cleanses can be ongoing (if there are many gallstones/kidney stones). The wonderful thing about this detox process is that even though you sometimes have difficult days with not much energy, you will see progress and your energy level will rise.


Ukrain is probably the most expensive yet most effective cancer treatment supplement available. Ukrain directly targets and kills cancer cells while at the same time, fortifying the immune system. Ukrain has been tested by the National Cancer Institute. This test involved 60 different cancer cell lines. In practically all cell lines, it was found that Ukrain stopped cancer growth 100% of the time! Ukrain does everything chemotherapy can do without any toxic side effects and using Ukrain early in cancer treatment, preferrably soon after diagnosis, produces the best results (about 93% cure rate). Here are a few quotes from doctors who use Ukrain for cancer patients: “The main advantage of Ukrain is that it apparently selectively kills cancer cells and not only does it do no harm to the body’s defense, it actually fortifies them.” Dr. Brodie, M. D. “Like chemotherapy, it kills cancer cells very well but, unlike chemotherapy, it spares normal cells, healthy tissue. If the medical community were willing to give it a try, Ukrain could replace chemotherapy in treating almost all cancers.” Dr. Robert Atkins, M. D. Dr. Atkins regards Ukrain as the single best anti-cancer agent he has used to date. “Ukrain alters the oxygen consumption of cancer cells in an irreversible manner. Since the cancer cells stop “breathing” (called cell respiration) at this point, after 15 minutes of Ukrain treatment, they die.” Dr. Wolfgang Kostler M.D.


MGN3 was developed from rice and Japanese mushroom extracts. This rice bran, when combined with the mushroom extract, produces a cancer fighting combination that is very effective. MGN3 increases the body’s natural killer cell activity up to 800% and begins to raise those killer T-cell levels within one hour. It appears that MGN3 boosts the entire immune system, in particular the production of killer cells whose function is to destroy abnormal cells. MGN3 is available with a prescription. It is safe (no toxic side effects) and is relatively inexpensive.


Hansi is a “new” homeopathic cancer treatment showing phenomenal results. Hansi was developed by Argentine botanist Juan Hirschmann. It was originally used as an experiment in treating plant cancers, which in turn led to successful treatment of animal cancers. In July of 1990, Hirschmann opened the first clinic in Buenos Aires and began treating human cancer patients. The treatment was (and is) so effective that the clinic as you might imagine, was mobbed and police had to be brought in to control the crowds.

TRANSFER FACTOR – the miracle molecule. 

Transfer Factors are small protein molecules that can passively transfer immunity from one mammal to another by stimulating the immunity. Transfer Factor is a vital immune factor brought about to us directly from mother nature. Every mother that breast feeds her infant passes on her immunity (all of the information her imune system has gained in her lifetime). This process begins with the first milk called colostrum. Transfer Factor is non-toxic with no side effects, stimulates the entire immune system, and has been shown to induce an immune response in as little as 24 hours.


It has been know for over 35 years that Laetrile (also called Vitamin B17) has a very profound effect on many types, if not all, cancer cells. Laetrile was proven so effective in fighting cancer that, of course the special interest groups stepped in to make it illegal to sell raw apricot seeds that contain high amounts of laetrile. The greatest thing about Laetrile is that it’s easy and inexpensive to get it into your diet. Laetrile/B17 is found in high concentrations in many fruits and seeds of fruits as well as some vegetables and legumes. Some clinics have used Laetrile in a “cocktail” with several other key ingredients to achieve a 100% recovery rate.


Clustered Water (or structured water) is without a doubt one of the greatest health breakthroughs in the last century. There are several reasons Clustered Water can have a huge impact on cancer so I will list them to better understand each individually. 1. Clustered Water effects the basic core of the cell’s biology. It can stop cellular degeneration and in some cases reverse this outcome. 2. Clustered Water speeds up the healing process of the body. 3. Clustered Water enhances the delivery and utilization of nutrients. 4. Clustered Water helps restore the intercellular and intracellular communications, that is the communications WITHIN each cell AND the communications BETWEEN each cell of our body. 5. Clustered Water can hydrate the cells of the body and in the process, put a stop to degenerative diseases. 6. Clustered water detoxifies the cells, eliminating toxins like drugs, heavy metals, chemicals, infections, food endotoxins, medications, vaccines, radiations, and even deeply held emotional traumas.


There is mounting evidence that Essential Oils can play a vital role in not only treating cancer but in preventing it also. As we mentioned, Gary Yound N.D. of the Young Life Research Clinic has poineered the use of Essential Oils in the fight against cancer with outstanding results. The Young Life Research Clinic has used Essential Oils to effectively treat and cure cancer and many other fatal and non-fatal diseases. The two main factors that seem to make Essential Oils so effective are: 1. Essential Oils pull oxygen into every cell in our bodies and cancer cannot live in an oxygen rich environment. 2. Essential Oils raise the frequency of our bodies and there again, cancer cannot tolerate higher frequencies.


This is one of the most surprising supplements we have researched. We were surprised not only with the studies we found showing how effective it was but also what was really surprising was the first hand experience we had with it. Aloe turns on the immune system by activating macrophages (white blood cells which “swallow” antigens), causing the release of immune-activating (and anticancer) substances such as interferons, interleukines, and tumor necrosis factor. In addition, Aloe promotes the growth of normal (non-cancerous) cells, researchers said.

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