5 TED Talks About Anti-Aging and Age Reversal

Fountain of Youth Lies Within You
BREATHE. | Joe DiStefano | TEDxLugano

Power Foods for the Brain | Neal Barnard | TEDxBismarck
Dodge Death, Reduce Aging, and Increase Healthspan To Enjoy Your Lifespan | Eric Ku | TEDxKISJeju

A Cure for Ageing?: David Sinclair at TEDxSydney
Breathe to Heal | Max Strom | TEDxCapeMay

Below are a few infographics explaining things like the best time to eat to keep the body working properly and what ingredients to look for in moisturizers and creams that not only prevent aging of the skin but that also reverse some of the signs and effects of aging. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog and have a great week ahead.

Look For These Ingredients In Your Skin Care Products

Strength Train For Anti-Aging

Best Time To Eat

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