Pomegranate Improves Markers of Aging

By Alma Ross Pomegranate’s heart benefits have led researchers to investigate in what ways this red fruit can keep us healthy. In a recent finding, Swiss researchers have identified a new molecule that results from digesting two compounds found in pomegranates: punicalagins and ellagitannins. This unique molecule, known as urolithin A, helps rejuvenate mitochondria, our cellular powerhouses.1 Urolithin A opens the door to potential new therapeutic treatments against … Continue reading Pomegranate Improves Markers of Aging

Cancer Causing Foods You Eat Daily

a  article Canned Tomatoes While fresh tomatoes are actually considered to be the cancer fighting foods, those canned ones are nothing like that. Actually, most canned foods are a concern because of what the can is lined with. The lining of almost all canned foods are made with a chemical called bisphenol-A, or BPA.  Tomatoes are believed to be exceptionally dangerous due to their high acidity, … Continue reading Cancer Causing Foods You Eat Daily

The Importance of The Mediterranean Diet

via  Peripheral Arterial Disease, Cardiovascular Risk and Mediterranean Diet The prevalence of Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) which refers to the obstruction of large arteries of the body is estimated to be around 12-14% in the general population and increases up to 20% of those over 70 years old. It is of interest that 70-80% of affected individuals are asymptomatic and only a minority requires revascularisation … Continue reading The Importance of The Mediterranean Diet