Halloween Horror Film For Cats

In the spirit of Halloween and funny cat videos check out some clips that will crack you up. Many people didn’t know about cats and how freaked out the get by cucumbers. I couldn’t contain my church giggles from watching these. Then check out a quick cat horror film for cats. It will all make…

What You Look Like After Three Glasses of Wine

a article. The Wine Project by Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti started as a joke at a party. This photographer had the idea to document the evolution of his friends facing alcohol, photographing them sober, and then after 1, 2 and 3 glasses of wine. And you, what do you look like after 3 glasses of wine? 🙂 Images ©…

The Kristen Wiig ZOOLANDER 2-Youth Milk Commercial Is Hilarious

Welcome to the House of Atoz Booty Labia Tory (beauty laboratory ) with Kristen Wiig for the promo of the upcoming Zoolander 2 film.  The marketing for the film is amazing with great ads and surprise viral moments. The surprise appearance at the Valentino Show was a total surprise to the press and public. The trailer…

Five Commercials That Will Make You LOL

Dove Men + Care – Slow from carlao busato on Vimeo. Wodka Commercial from Chris Sanders on Vimeo. Heiniken  Jennifer Aniston from Beer Planet on Vimeo.

You Will Be Sharing This Clip All day Long “SUPAFLY”

A trio of breakdancers show off their moves as they demonstrate the origin of the term “supafly.” We won’t spoil it for you, but you’ll be sharing this video all day long. Extended mix here. Below is the official headshot of Supafly and he is touring homes now for the Summer.  Catch him at your place soon.