Gross: See Ingredients Inside Some of Your Favorite Foods

Article taken from       Eating a bag of chips? Delicious right! Great snack. But what you’re really eating are all these weird powders and difficult to pronounce additives and manufactured colors and sticky glue goop. This photo series for the bookIngredients by Dwight Eschliman and Steve Ettlinger reveals what’s inside your favorite foods and…

64 Mind-Blowing Facts That Will Make You Feel Incredibly Happy

via Dave Stopera and Tanner Greenring at BUZZFEED Did you know that smiling actually improves your mood? That one was free, now here are 63 more!  1. Every year, hundreds of new trees grow because of squirrels forgetting where they buried their nuts. 2. There is a basketball court on the top floor of the U.S. Supreme Court Building….

A Wealth of Important Information Everyone Should Know From the CDC

Chronic diseases are responsible for 7 of 10 deaths each year, and treating people with chronic diseases accounts for 86% of our nation’s health care costs. Find out how CDC’s chronic disease prevention system brings together data, health care systems, and communities to support healthy choices and reduce risk behaviors for all Americans. The information…

Take The Earthquake Emergency Test

     The earthquake emergency quiz below, is brought to you from The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management but is useful to everyone who is at risk of being in an earthquake. I guess that is pretty much everyone on Earth so please take 30 seconds to test your knowledge as well as educate…

Interactive * I Touch Myself Project For Breast Cancer Prevention

CHRISSY AMPHLETT (CHRISTINE JOY AMPHLETT) October 25, 1959 — April 21, 2013 She sang it. She shouted it. And we couldn’t help but listen. Now Chrissy wants us to hear her words again. For breast cancer awareness. Chrissy gave us this song. This is her divine wish. Touch yourself. Click