Five Commercials That Will Make You LOL

Dove Men + Care – Slow from carlao busato on Vimeo. Wodka Commercial from Chris Sanders on Vimeo. Heiniken  Jennifer Aniston from Beer Planet on Vimeo.

You Will Be Sharing This Clip All day Long “SUPAFLY”

A trio of breakdancers show off their moves as they demonstrate the origin of the term “supafly.” We won’t spoil it for you, but you’ll be sharing this video all day long. Extended mix here. Below is the official headshot of Supafly and he is touring homes now for the Summer.  Catch him at your place soon.

Dad, Happy Fathers Day

What Is A Dad? A dad is someone who
 wants to catch you before you fall
 but instead picks you up,
 brushes you off,
 and lets you try again. 

A dad is someone who
 wants to keep you from making mistakes
 but instead lets you find your own way,
 even though his heart breaks in silence

4 Videos That Will Make Your Day

A  Grandma that proves age is only a number. We all know Aretha Franklin’s song Respect can bring out the inner soul in all of us, but check out this tiny little dancer who’s really got some soulful dance moves. Students at Aquinas College in Michigan were able to exact sweet, sweet revenge on their…

Made In The Trenches | Articles and Sketches Contributed By Soldiers

Made in the Trenches: a WW1 Magazine Created by Soldiers (1916) Made in the Trenches, composed entirely from articles & sketches contributed by soldiers, edited by Sir Frederick Treves and George Goodchild; 1916; George Allen and Unwin , London. A magazine-style book created in 1916 and composed entirely of articles and sketches contributed by British…

Made Me Smile | Yule Log 2.0

Re-imagined by artists around the world, this is not your parent’s Yule Log. Go fullscreen to enjoy the holidays on infinite loop.